Silk Bay Technologies – We are excited to have these partners who have specialized products and services to their respective industries.

Byte Blanket is a startup specifically focused in the areas of e-commerce application development and management, social media application development, enterprise software development, and the related disciplines of research and consulting. We are headquartered in Dubai, with an India office in Chennai. Operations began in April 2019. Currently we are a team of 125 and expanding.

Atoma Technologies are experts in the go-live environment of the world’s leading core banking software and are a MarketPlace Provider of Temenos. Since 2003 their technology has helped Temenos clients around the world to implement, upgrade and confidently go-live through its ability to test and release many thousands of product updates. As the scale and rate of change continues to increase, every code change or configuration change needs to be rigorously scrutinised and verified prior to release.  This requires intelligent testing and release management of every change, both individually and against all inter-dependent functions, prior to its release. Their solution TARIS, enables end-to-end automation of these critical testing and release processes.  This dramatically reduces the cost of these time consuming, complex and highly repetitive tasks. Headquartered in Geneva, Atoma has operations which currently span clients in Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia.

Xpert Digital (XD) has progressed by leaps and bounds since its inception. It has come to acquire the stature of a rapidly growing Digital Transformation company in Gulf and Asia. With numerous successful project implementations to its credit, XD’s track record stands out, speaking a story of its own. We are a valued implementation partner for several organizations allowing them to steer business transformation, implement technology solutions to enable business goals and deliver complex global projects. With our core competence we have expanded globally with a strong presence in Oman, Saudi and United Arab Emirates. Coupled with this, a broad customer base consisting of verticals from Education, Financial Services, Public Sector, Industrial and Energy. XD values diversity and our teams comprise of nationalities with various backgrounds with reference to industry and experience. One commonality across this multiplicity is the fervor to grow and excel which has allowed XD to take pride in its exemplary track record.

System Nexgen provides information technology solutions for various corporate and individual clients. We are technology Intensive Corporation geared to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in areas of integrated business solutions and internet/intranet applications services. Our software and services create business value for customers by making it easier for them to engage with and provide services to their customers more effectively and efficiently. System Nexgen offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands.

Today’s aviation business needs tomorrow’s solutions. Speed, reliability and business intelligence in combination with data security is what drives your business of tomorrow. KOUKIS AVIATION is founded by George Koukis, who built Temenos, world’s largest and most integrated Banking Software company. George Koukis worked for Qantas in the early days of his career. Koukis Aviation offers airlines and aviation companies integrated IT solutions to address the industry’s ever-growing need for real time information and to meet aviation specific regulatory requirements. KOUKIS AVIATION delivers exactly what you need, from small to big, and our applications are serving the aviation industry with more than 100 installations worldwide.

Centegy Technologies, is a technology solutions provider focusing on the licensing, implementation and support of enterprise applications across Retail and Insurance industries. Our motto for Centegy Technologies is ‘People. Expertise. Integrity’. This is quite apt considering the expertise and knowledge our teams have gained by implementing our solutions and operating in these industries since 1986. Apart from technology solutions, we also offer strategic advise to our clients on how to penetrate new markets, increase market share and further leverage technology to establish leadership positions