Our Approach

Our vision is to provide pragmatic solution and services to our prestigious customer.

Our Story

The formation of SBT is due to the need of current market. I have spent several years in Information Technology and Financial Industry, where I have provided best possible solutions and services. With this objective, SBT is joining hands with state of the art organizations to promote their products and service with valuable clients in local and international Market.  

Meet the Team

SBT is a professional organization where peoples are the assets. It believes that a person with better concepts and understanding will serve effectively to its client.  

Imran Faruqi

Founder & CEO

Imran Faruqi is bringing 32 year of professional experience in the field of Information Technology, banking, Operations management, Project Management, Risk Management, and Consultancy.

He served organizations like Temenos, Thomson Reuters, Diners club, Saudi Pak Commercial bank, Emirates Bank, and Infosys, where he mostly served in senior management levels.

He is a seasoned professional. He helped in building organizations from green fields. He is a great mentor and trainer in building team to achieve organizational goals.

He has MBA degree from Hamdard University.

Next Steps…